One named as official water for live8 and Make poverty history.

Press Release, 23 June 2005

One has been chosen by the organisers of Live8 and Make Poverty History as the official water at both events. At Live8, one will be offered to all the acts and celebrities taking part as well as featuring throughout the media village, while in Edinburgh at Make Poverty History, one will be available both backstage and for the crowds during the event.

Did you know that 1 billion people in the world don't have access to clean water? Or that 2 million people a year die as a result of water related diseases? Simply buy a bottle of one water and all the profits, every last drop, go to building unique 'Roundabout PlayPumps' overseas which are backed by the South African Government of former President Nelson Mandela, the World Bank and The International Finance Corporation. One changes the lives of people - one person, one day at a time.

By installing 'Roundabout PlayPumps' in villages, it is ensured that people get free readily available clean water. The unique roundabout replaces the traditional 'hand pump' and works by a rotational movement. So by children simply playing on the roundabout, their energy pumps water for all the community. As a merry-go round has always been fun for children, there is never a shortage of 'volunteers'. In fact the pumps are so efficient; there is always excess water for irrigation purposes.

Set-up by Duncan Goose in June 2004, one became a reality when he quit his job to work full time to get the project off the ground. He used what savings he had to fund his year off and amazingly has received no payment throughout this time. On 30th May 2005 the first bottles of one rolled off the production line – at exactly the same time Bob Geldof announced Live8. It must have been a sign! "This has been a tough and exhilarating year and at last one is a reality. You can't get more real than supporting Live8", says Duncan.

Endorsed by Duncan's sister, the actress Claire Goose, and the new Doctor Who, David Tennant, one is a brand that people will want to be seen with. So next time you pick up a bottle of water, think one. One person, one day at a time, one bottle at a time.

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