One Water loves...

Our heroes

All the great people who have made One happen. Read more.


The great people who build our roundabout powered PlayPumps™. Visit PlayPump™ now.

For their tremendous online support and assistance in spreading the One word. Visit Last Minute.

Brilliant recycled eyecatching stationery for everyone. We love the rubber car tyre notebooks. Visit Remarkable.

An fantastic initiative to collect and repurpose all the millions of polystyrene cups used in the UK every week. Have a look at their amazing range of recycled stationery products. Visit Save a cup.

We Are What We Do is a movement which aims to inspire people to use their simple, everyday actions to change the world and have fun while doing it. Their book was launched in Sept 04 with the publication of Change the World for a Fiver and has now sold over 400,000 copies worldwide. Proof that it really is easy to make a difference. Visit We Are What We Do.