You can do more than just buying one!

We don't want to waste money on advertising so we're hoping that you will tell your friends, family, colleagues about One and what we're trying to do. If you could do that it would be such a brilliant way to support us – or even better, email them our Web site address.

Check out our heroes page to see who's been supporting us – it makes for very interesting reading!

There is still more to be done and we're always on the look out for people who can donate some of their time or services to support the project.

There are four specific areas we need support in at the moment:

  1. Travel specialists who are interested in developing a not-for-profit travel concept – ideally to enable people to visit wells being built in Africa.
  2. Education specialists who can advise how best to engage children and contribute to the official curriculum – teaching kids about the significance of the global water shortage issue; how it effects people, productivity & agriculture.   How to produce relevant educational packs for kids that not only inform but also inspire.
  3. Funding specialists – we now need to ramp up the PR and marketing support e.g. continue to develop this web site and develop viral marketing initiatives to engage consumers and trade buyers, secure additional distribution and fund the cash flow.
  4. Stockists – we need more, and fast. If you are a retailer, or have a distribution channel that you think would fit well with One then we'd love to hear from you.